Unauthorized persons are aware of confidential or secret.


Private meetings, documents, projects and budgets for contracts that are no longer secrets.


Outsiders are aware of movements and commitments.


You notice unusual noises or sounds and volume changes on phone lines.


Sounds are perceived by the receiver even when the phone is off.


TV or stereo installations are subject to strange interference.


Someone entered without authorization in some places, but nothing was stolen.


Unexpectedly was given or has appeared in some local furnishing items.


Were noted for unexplained changes in the physical structure of some local (moving furniture, stoves, frames, tiles, carpets, grills, etc.).


Suspicious vehicles are frequently parked near local "sensitive".


Technical installations (electricity, telephone, water, heating, etc.) are presented for maintenance is not required or agreed.



If you find one or more of these warning signs may be that is in place an interception.

If you decide to contact us for advice or action of reclamation talk to fewer people as possible but only outside of the rooms and suspects a phone call from outside the premises.









Activities' of Reclamation: 

Nowadays you can intercept communications across a variety of technological devices which can be the size of a few centimeters and easily concealable. The device is the classic bug environment.





This tool enables the transmission distance (when it has been adequately implemented a system for listening or recording) all the sounds (especially the conversations) that occur in one or more rooms.


The microphones pick up telephone conversations instead (or fax transmissions-data) that occur along the phone lines and often operate without battery power, using the current from the telephone line. The lack of a battery (which must be regularly replaced) makes this kind of bugs is particularly insidious because it can have a "lifetime" practically unlimited.


When it is not sufficient to intercept audio, through the use of special micro-cameras there is the possibility of clandestine video footage which can be transmitted remotely via radio or wire.


Even a boring town, appropriately modified and hidden can be a good way of interception. The electric wiring or electronics that go into a room can be used for connecting microphones or cameras and listening computers with a modem can relay around the world, video or audio signals can be "infected" with the devices (both both hardware and software) for monitoring. The windows of a room can be "enlightened" from the outside with an infrared or laser which is "modulated" by the glass micro-vibrations caused by the energy of the sound it. Even a trivial water line or a conduit for passing the air conditioning in a room can become the means of conveying sound to be used by fraudsters.


The radio transmission systems of bugs can be a traditional type (AM or FM), but also of very advanced (Infinity, Frequency Hopping, Burst, Agile, Spread Spectrum) in this case only the use of special equipment (analyzers Spectrum Digital and Non-Linear Junction Detectors) by specialized technicians will reveal their presence because they are rarely identified by traditional instruments most commonly used.





The connection of 'digital spectrum analyzer to a computer with special software enables us to process and store the electromagnetic conditions of the area where the premises are located to be reclaimed.


Devices powered off or no longer work can only be detected through the use of a Non Linear Junction Detector. This is a special instrument of which there are very few examples in Italy whose use will be assigned to an investigative technique properly trained.

The analysis of telephone lines, electrical or data throughput for the detection of eavesdropping devices, particularly when it comes to long lines hundreds or even thousands of meters, can only be done through the use of a particular tool called Echo-sounding equipment (also known by the name of Reflettometro in time domain) Digital. This unit is capable of analyzing any line (even under stress) and to indicate on a display the presence of faults (short circuits, open circuits, connections in series or in parallel, inductors, capacitors, etc..) And / or parasites .



The scope of 'Digital Echo-sounding equipment we use is over 11,000 meters with a precision in the location of about 20/30 inches, this tool is indispensable when the line to be analyzed is very long (try to imagine the path that makes a cable running from a telephone switch located in the basement of a large building up to a unit on the top floor) and not easily accessible through the inside walls, other people's property, roadways, etc.

Protocols for Reclamation (PIB): 


Once there with our electronic laboratory mobile (able to move easily across Europe) equipped with specific instrumentation perhaps most comprehensive national territory, our investigative techniques will play a series of inspections that for logistical reasons and confidentiality are preferably carried out at local mackerel (during the weekend or at night):


Consideration of the radio spectrum from VLF to SHF to identify any mechanisms of interception, either audio or video, using any type of modulation, both analogue and digital.


Electronic and physical examination of telephone equipment inside the premises and of any unit in order to detect eavesdropping devices.


Electronic examination of the premises, furniture, furnishings and walls in order to detect, through non-linear junction detector, any electronic devices of any kind, concealed, even off or not working.


Consideration of the electromagnetic spectrum and infrared LASER inside and outside of the offices in order to detect eavesdropping devices or systems employing these spectra.


Examination of electrical and electronic wiring on the premises in order to identify possible means of interception.



Consideration of acoustic environments and verification of any spread of the sound outside of themselves.


Examination of the physical structure of local plants and their relevance in order to determine the degree of global security.


Check for software or devices intercept electronically on computers in the premises searched to control their own protection against possible external attacks by "hackers" security check by "Virus" and unauthorized access.


Affixing security seals for special anti-tamper (either overt or invisible) to areas and facilities examined.


At the end of the intervention will be given a detailed report on their activity as well as a list of technical and practical tips and solutions for enhanced security environments inspected.